Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ενώ ο Αλλάχ ορκίζεται στα ονόματα της ελιάς και της συκιάς, και τα φέρνει ως μάρτυρες στο δικαστήριο της αξιοπιστίας, υπάρχουν κι άλλα φρούτα... Σχεδόν λαχαναγορά η εύκαμπτη μυθολογική και η δύσκαμπτη αποκεκαλυμμένη θεολογία.
Οι λωτοί,
Τα μήλα των Εσπερίδων,
Η μηλιά της Παραδείσου...

Στην παραπάνω εικόνα, θέλω αντί άλλου σχολίου να παραθέσω διαμφισβητούμενο Πλάτωνα και την αγγλική μετάφραση του
Willis Barnstone
1. Τῶι μήλωι βάλλω σε· σὺ δ΄ εἰ μὲν ἑκοῦσα φιλεῖς με͵ δεξαμένη τῆς σῆς παρθενίης μετάδος· εἰ δ΄ ἄρ΄ ὃ μὴ γίγνοιτο νοεῖς͵ τοῦτ΄ αὐτὸ λαβοῦσα σκέψαι τὴν ὥρην ὡς ὀλιγοχρόνιος.
Lesson from the Academy
I throw this apple before you.
Take it- if you love me purely,
and give up your virginity.
Yet if you will not love me
keep the apple
- and thinkhow long the beauty lasts.

2. Μῆλον ἐγώ͵ βάλλει με φιλῶν σέ τις· ἀλλ΄ ἐπίνευσον͵ Ξανθίππη· κἀγὼ καὶ σὺ μαραινόμεθα.

The Apple
I am an apple,
and one who loves you
tossed me before you.
O yield to him,dear Xanthippe! Both you and I decay.

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Monday, November 10, 2008


During the presentation of the first day.

Remi and Luma recite Seferis, Ο Γυρισμός του Ξενιτεμένου, both in Greek and Arabic, in the form of the dialog that the poem dictates.

Zeina in Arabic and Fadi in Greek read Nizar Qabbani, Five Letters to my Mother.

Rafeef in Arabic and Sonia in Greek, read Yiannis Varveris' Στα ξένα (In the foreign parts).

Samah read in a beautiful way the Greek translation for Mahmoud Darwish's "Letter from the Exile".

My good team...

What music would one suggest for a hasty ending? Nick Cave's "The Carny" would fit.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Heroes around...

I have to add more photos and I will do.
They are about the European Week of Culture, a short 3 days week as Luma observed.
The Greek Kiosk, plus Abdel Fatah, Remi, Luma, Ala, and Samer.

The flag with its imperative stripes and here they are Samer, myself, Luma, and Remi.

and the Hero Perpetuus

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

a humble wish

Tonight I wish I were there. Walking from the Port to Ν.Ο.Θ. and then up to my silent flat.
I think that nostalgia came along with the texts.
Or the approaching opening of the International Film Festival.
Although most of my favorite cinemas have become super markets or parking lots.
Before and meanwhile...