Monday, May 31, 2010

A State specialized in Piracy

Israel managed pretty well in wasting all its halo as a state of troubled victims. In reality its actions against Gaza, its continuous attitude in the West Bank, and its totalitarian methods for more than 50 years, build gradually an immense wave of disapproval and disgust towards its policy. By it being so victorious, it prepares itself to become a fair loser in terms of international policy. Last night its commandos raided against the international flotilla which was expected to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians of Gaza who get daily strangulated 17 months after the murderous attack against their territories by the Israeli army. The reports refer to some 2 to 16 killed activists and a larger number of wounded who were transported to a hospital of unknown location.
Hence, the State of Copy-Paste, gathering irrelevant populations to Palestine, exploiting the guilt of the European West and the short-sighted plans of post-war U.S. concerning the superpower antagonism in the M.E., after it deprived the legal national rights of Palestinians in 1948, 1967, after it occupied lands of neighbouring states (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt), after it imposed a life of misery in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip upon successive generations of Palestinians who saw their youth wasted in massive attacks and funerals, now continues its piratical legacy, by raiding against boats of various registered flags carrying international humanitarian aid, near a shore that belongs to the Palestinian people.
I do not have any good feelings left towards these pirates. They should be isolated, and expelled from the international community. Enough with excuses!

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