Sunday, April 25, 2010


While working on a small presentation,
I mumbled with considerable satisfaction few basic sentences I have not thought of lately...
so busy with the pragmatics of my daily details and anxieties...
so ready to become a subject in/of misery...

The text, on my slide, goes as follows:
The pioneer of British Cultural Studies, Raymond Williams, fifty years ago, wrote in his inspiring essay “Culture is ordinary” (1958):
‘Every human society has its own shape, purposes, meanings… (and) … expresses these in institutions, arts and learning… A culture has two aspects: the known meanings and directions which its members are trained to; the new observations and meanings which are offered and tested’

The issue becomes complicated though once we consider that the known meanings are the only valid and permitted ones, or once we celebrate the new observations and meanings as if they are mainstream and institutionalized.

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