Monday, March 16, 2009

أهلا و سهلا

March 29th, 2009

Al-Hussein Cultural Centre, Municipality of Greater Amman

Ras Al Ain, Small Auditorium 05:00-07:00 p.m.
"Knowing the other: Greek-Arab relations in literature"

Program of the Event:

05:00-05:20 p.m.:
• Welcome address by H.E. The Ambassador of Greece, Mr. Iraklis Asteriadis.
• Presentation by Henry Diab, Lund University, Director of Studies, Centre for Languages and Literature, "A Fruitful Cooperation- Programs of Exchange and Cooperation between Lund University and the University of Jordan".
05:20-05:50 p.m.:
• Assistant Professor Vassilios Sabatakakis, Lund University, Centre for Languages and Literature, Department of Greek Studies:
"Knowing the other: How the Byzantines and the Arabs described each other in medieval literature"
05:50-06:30 p.m.:
• Lecturer Vassilios Ikonomidis, University of Jordan, Department of European Languages, Section of Greek Language and Culture:
"Knowing the other: Translating modern and contemporary Greek and Arabic Poetry and Prose- Samples of an ongoing project"
Excerpts of poetry and prose will be recited by the speaker and his students of the Greek Section at U.J.: Luma Kalaji, Rita Qaqish, Samah Talalah, Fida A. Karim, Abd Al Fatah Shaheen

06:30- 07:00 p.m.: Reception

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