Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa's Vest (Israeli Airfighters replace the reindeers above Gaza, today)

Χώρες του ήλιου και δεν μπορείτε να αντικρίσετε τον ήλιο

Χώρες του ανθρώπου και δεν μπορείτε να αντικρίσετε τον άνθρωπο.
Γ.Σ.Σεφέρης, Το ναυάγιο της "Κίχλης" (Οκτ.1946)

Lands of the sun, and you are not able to look up at the sun

Lands of people and you are not able to look up at the human
G.S.Seferis, "Kihle"'s Wreck (Oct.1946)

Footnotes on shameful varieties of speech (from BBC)
1. Mr Olmert appealed to Palestinians in Gaza, saying "You - the citizens of Gaza - are not our enemies. Hamas, Jihad and the other terrorist organisations are your enemies, as they are our enemies.
"They have brought disaster on you and they try to bring disaster to the people of Israel. And it is our common goal to make every possible effort to stop them."

2. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice accused Hamas of having triggered the new bout of violence.
"The United States is deeply concerned about the escalating violence in Gaza," she said in a statement.
"We strongly condemn the repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel and hold Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire and for the renewal of violence there. The ceasefire must be restored immediately and fully respected."

May I ask who recalls the events in Jenin (a massacre starting on May 17th 2002)? May I ask who brings in mind the Israeli invasion in South Lebanon (July 2006)? I do ask these questions, because I have noticed such a praiseworthy intensive care about the clearance of and scrutiny about crimes committed during the 1990s, in other parts of the world (e.g. Balkans). And especially I am asking the young generation of the Arab countries, if they care to recall. The radios are festive these days with plenty of Christmas reminders, and "Destination Dance" calls.

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