Monday, December 01, 2008

An accountant's December

The issue with December is not that it is the elusive month of resolutions and scrutinizing life-accounting, but the fact that it arrives too fast and all the more often. Tsarouhis in this self-portrait, indicates the reasons: it bears the prudent wings of Daedalus.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I do not know what to say about December...but this poem sure does:

"Year's End"

Now the seasons are closing their files
on each of us, the heavy drawers
full of certificates rolling back
into the tree trunks, a few old papers
flocking away. Someone we loved
has fallen from our thoughts,
making a little, glittering splash
like a bicycle pushed by a breeze.
Otherwise, not much has happened;
we fell in love again, finding
that one red feather on the wind.

I like it!


9:21 PM  
Blogger Vas said...

and, indeed, meaningful it is...

11:36 PM  

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