Friday, March 07, 2008

Keep your eyes shut, now...

Again, the Kindergarten of Morality attacks, sets limitations, purifies, soaks in Moraldine (a substance similar in effects to Betadine but for the "innocent souls of Youth"- for internal use only- Consult always your censor). In Tellogleion Foundation in Thessaloniki, an institution that is not famous after all for its avant-garde approach to visual arts and exhibitions, it has been organized a quite large exhibition of 347 etchings by Pablo Picasso.
Nevertheless, the Head of the Office for Secondary Education for Eastern Thessaloniki, Mr. Theodoulos Tapanides banned it as inappropriate for school visits taking into consideration the complaints of parents about the indecent scenes it contains.
"What if it is Picasso? Do you think that children should be allowed to see whatever is shown?..." This was the reply of the enlightened Head of the Office for Secondary Education to the reporter of a local newspaper (Makedonia)

St. Augustine pursuing the heretic.

Therefore, next Monday a committee of "experts" (Theodoulos, Theopiste, Theologia, Theodoulitsa, Theosofos) will visit the exhibition to decide upon its further actions. Strange it is though that they issued the ban, before seeing the drawings, all composed in 1968. Sure, Greeks do believe in words and the convincing power of Fama (which has a Greek linguistic derivation.)
Societies can be perfectly hypocritical and make it (their hypocrisy and its code) a common meeting ground for negotiating about essence and value, many societal realities try to form one language of politically correct common sense, one long sleeved conservatism, one apparatus for mental castration : I like it that the educational authorities are so caring and fragile/touchy to the messages of a demoralized modernity, while TV, the examples that youngsters copy from the cheap heroes of the screen, the discussions, the nicknames are all obscene.

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Blogger Moey said...

whats happening to the world, eh?

1:10 AM  
Blogger Vas said...

yeah moey. the moron plans, the idiot rules, the senseless sets in action and the useless writes it down :)) mm. well it has been a while i did not visit your gardens. let me now press the button.

6:42 AM  

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