Friday, February 29, 2008

Το ελεύθερον...

Μπροστά στις Πύλες της Παραδείσου

It proves gradually annoying and disappointing, while abroad, watching one's own country becoming something new and essentially modified. It entered the hatching period long ago, true, but now it breaks free from its egg shell, and you suddenly realize that you would have rather seen it as an omelet. The government is said to have plans to negotiate the conditions under which the Empire will be granting Greek citizens a free entry to its purple dyed realms without a visa. In exchange, Greece will be cooperating in providing information and alignment to the imperial rules of "security". And despite relevant complaints of the Commission of E.U.
I remind that U.S. had de facto divided the countries of European Union into two categories, out of which the first was more than welcome, while the second should undergo the humiliating process of a stingy visa-granting policy: similar to the one witnessed in the Arab world. Depending on the general feeling of the people towards the Empire and the phobias of the Empire. Perhaps, the time has come to exchange: what with what?
Please consider this comment as a continuation of the previous post, which was all about poetry and the process of redefinition it activates. It is similar, but the blessing right hand of poetry, becomes the left waving limb in the simulacrum of the mirror; the mirror of "reality", this is.

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