Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tomorrow the blood.

They invaded in the end, as everyone has been anticipating, some minutes ago. The armours open now the way to 10,000 reservists, called on 'duty'. The artillery is now used. The air force continues its "surgical" strikes. A mosque was hit and 16 people were killed. The first victim during the land operations in Gaza was a child. The night is chilly in our area. Tomorrow we will see the tones of red in blood and in details.
Αύριο, με το φως, θα φανεί το κόκκινο, σε όλους τους τόνους του.
Ο ερωτευμένος, το ηλιοβασίλεμα,
Ο μπαγαπόντης στης αγοράς το κλείσιμο,
Ο κλέφτης τη νύχτα,
Ο προδότης αργά,
Ο χαρτοπαίχτης πριν το χάραμα,
Ο δήμιος πάντα.

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