Tuesday, March 06, 2007


What is the most insightful step a language instructor can take? Teaching the past continuous... He/she should try to enforce it earlier rather than later. So much there is in past continuous, so much memory, so much of the imagery of a suffocating voice: habits of the past, childhood, summer days, spring evenings, actions that were being repeated with a sense of eternity. Today we were very "past-continuous" in the class. I recalled many things: I experienced the ball in my hands, playing the "fisherman", and my hands frozen while playing the "statues". There, at the empty street of the late evening; the market was closed. Only the coiffeur. And the doll at his shopwindow, wearing a damaged wedding dress and a diadem of white glass pearls. And the girls got as well deep in their eyes, while remembering their own past continuous, in another language.

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Blogger Rain Dancer said...

"actions that were being repeated with a sense of eternity",a beautiful image!i like the idea of experiencing my past again,yet i hate confusion and memory loss.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Vas said...

Thanx for the comment ,rain_dancer, and when i went through the list of the films and books you like in your profile i have to tell you i found it almost certain to find you watering the trees of memory. Orange or other...

7:14 PM  

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