Monday, March 19, 2007

Our image in few pixels

I do not know how it goes with the younger generation: I mean-I do not know how they establish links, bonds, real friendships through their blogging dashboards and virtual interaction. I guess they manage well, taking into account their stable and mutual cross-references, the many and friendly comments I discover attached to their pages. I find it thrilling, exciting, different: personally not only I am not accustomed to it, but even in real circumstances of communication I take my time, trying to balance between personal time, obligations and a reservation about how I intrude the personal time of a potential friend... worrying, feeling shy not to impose too much of me upon him/her. Of course, later on I discover that usually they interpret my shyness as lack of interest. So, really I plan next time to meet with people in one of those blogger gatherings. I want to see how virtual becomes three-dimensional. Hmmm...
Et voila! Yesterday The Observer, after him having replied to the questions of Redrose, asked me and few other people to take the same questionnaire and write down the answers. Since we have recently exchanged ideas, I find it convenient and meaningful to respond to his friendly gesture.
Here is the project (all of them difficult to decide. question marks covered with bitter honey) :
1.If there is fire at home..choose one thing to save?
This is one thing ummm? If it would be several, it would be two volumes of poetry and my diaries. But since it is one, I think I would take a byzantine style icon I have for Archangel Michael. I love it with the afternoon light, on its golden lines and the background. More of an aesthetic pleasure to tell you the truth. (By the way, has it ever occured to you at the airport to feel afraid that you lost your luggage, and that you have to describe what was there in the bag, and realizing that you do not recall but very few items?? meaning that all the rest, the kilos that torture your hands are not important in reality?)

2.Situation you felt embarrassed in?
Well, this can be an encyclopedia-size account. I remember details since my very early years, so I have many instances of embarrassment. Embarrassment, I conclude, springs from the magical equation Memory X Reinterpretation (E= M X R). Ok, an innocent one, when mom was catching me having attacked the sweets and stuff (pies, cookies) kept for later in the cupboard. I was overweight, it was bad for me, I was greedy, it was bad for the arrangement of the right time for a feast.

3- If you can do over a part of your life, what will you change?
A long relationship I had established. Out of its many years, I believe I had been creative and shivering only for few months. This I would change, although I have no clue what I would do with those 6,5 extra years.

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Blogger The Observer said...

6.5 years! That is too extra years. I am not sure whether you would have done better in those years or not, but I am sure that those years managed to gain you much experience in life.

I, like you, need time in order to get close to people. I find it easier to communicate with people who I barely know online than doing so in person.

Thanks for answering the tag.

Have a nice day...

8:26 AM  
Blogger Vas said...

hahaha. yeah so long. the tragedy is that i learn slowly in life. so if I decide to collect these gray zones of apprenticeship I can make a three-piece badleh :)). Thank you for your always nice comments

8:31 AM  
Blogger KJ said...

The luggage analogy is interesting. I really never thought about it, We really do carry things we don't care about, throughout our lives, because we never know when they will be needed.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Vas said...

And it is more than an analogy. It is a bodily torture that makes me sceptical everytime concerning traveling. I always promise not to repeat it, I never keep my word about it. I liked your blog a lot.

9:22 AM  

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