Sunday, December 17, 2006

first timer

first time of blogging from my office.
it could be a nice story about the virtue of patience and endurance. with some moral conclusion in the end. These conclusions are useless in reality, therefore they deserve mentioning for the fun of useless. When, five and a half years ago i entered my office (which was located in a different room, different view, different noise, different atmosphere), same floor, same building, I was perhaps the only one who had internet access (a very-very-very slow one). And printer. This made me famous among the circle of colleagues who were located nearby. Asking for half an hour of websurfing, for a page to print. It was a funny time of an internet cafe atmosphere, till i started finding full ash-trays and strange downloads on my pc, which at the office has a very restricted memory... So... Leonardo appeared (before the Da Vinci code) in my life as a saviour: A NICE ARTISTIC SCREENSAVER with password. That was it. Then, adverse Fortuna took revenge from me and my pioneering technological equipment :)). I returned three and a half years ago to find my stuff in piles and my posters from greek events destroyed. I was transferred to another office, with no access to internet. Three years of petitions, quests, documents and verbal attempts brought no result. The good thing is that i believe that the documents never got filed, but soon found their way to the trash bin. So there is no witness for this accumulated rejection. Suddenly, for the grace of automatic goodness, a technician passed and connected the lines. It took me just, 3,5 years. More or less the time that Michelangelo took for the basic masterpieces of Capella Sextina. Michelangelo and Leonardo stories.
how does it feel to be a first timer? It is strange in most cases: the office now is frozen, the office hour of my colleague coincites with this peaceful moment and they converse in italian :)) First timers go through difficult circumstances, to keep the memory vivid and allow the prospect of improvement.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listening to this short story recited lively and gently delighted me, though it was noisy and crowded. Most of all I enjoyed my not so fruitful attempts to catch the meaning and find some words I know : )


7:33 PM  
Blogger Vas said...

κόσμος και ντουνιάς. άνθρωποι του κόσμου και του ημικόσμου :))

10:49 PM  

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