Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dreaming of a harbour

Olga's "flat" on the island, on our miraculous and wonder-working Amorgos, was a very narrow one: a tiny place overlooking from her bath window the rocks far away and the open sky, exposed to persistent wind and all varieties of blue, starting from a yellowish baby blue of the sunrise in a sunny day and extending its scale to the darkest ultramare blue when mixed with tons of gray, at a winter setting with mist, and rain. Throughout the few years that i was visiting her, she was using an electrical heater which radiated a lively and disturbing orange light. I connected it more with the light than the heat. Recently I had the idea in Amman to get a similar heater for my kitchen. Through this winter scenario, with the orange light turning to various directions as the guidance of a lighthouse, I dreamt of her tonight, in her summer cloths preparing for her vacation. We met at a harbour, and i was giving her advice, while reiterating in my mind all my conclusions concerning her character and preferences. In the end, i told her: "Go to Skopelos, it will be fun for you, no, not Alonisos, it is not for you, it feels like our Amorgos". My friend, Ala'a, was standing by me and I thought that Alonisos would be perfect for us, to walk, rest, and keep silent, during this summer vacation which came unexpectedly during a late November night.


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