Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dreaming of tickets

In my possession there is an old compiled "vulgata" including a section for the interpretation of dreams. My maternal grandmother had given it to me, and it is a strange late 19th century edition, from the autonomous by that time island of Samos.I guess that as a child (she was born in 1900) many times she tried to comprehend why the young women of her circle were looking at it with expectations and dreamy eyes. I am pretty sure it does not include any explanation for the dream that visited me today during a short afternoon nap.
Supposedly I had bought three or four tickets for the metro of Athens as I thought, although they looked more like gallery/museum tickets. I realized I was deceived as soon as I tried to validate them.

An old man told me in a humorous way, "Even if you try it the other way, it won't work. Look at them carefully. They are not Metro tickets." I felt embarassed and while thanking him I tried to get out of the vehicle as fast as I could, so that I could buy an original one. These ones costed 1,86 Euros each.
I exit the vehicle and the man of the ticketing kiosk shouted: "So are you trying to escape a control inspection?"
"Actually I am trying to escape my stupidity and naivete", I replied courageously and I explained to him the embarrassing issue.
He smiled. "Ok, now you have to buy a double, but real and functioning ticket, for 2,8 Euros". I did not object, a reasonable fine after all this is.
The funny side of this story came once I woke up and remembered the details of the false ticket. It had a black 'n' white sketch, and next to the price the route : "Klauthmonos-REX" and, for those who do not know anything about Athens and its streets, I have to inform them that this is a 100m distance, at the most central area, with no need and prospect to get connected by metro; ever... The only thing one has to do, is to cross the street from the traffic lights, and there he/she is. It was also bearing the following remark, in small bold characters "The route is not currently functional, but it will be soon served, using the most luxurious vehicles". R i d i c u l o u s.... I wanted to laugh till the moquette gets wet with my tears. Nevertheless, when I thought of it again, I got distressed. Why did not I sense the funny side of the event while still in the dream? Why did it come as a supplement of the conscious part?


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