Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ulysses permanently in a temporary Ithaca

Ulysses returns- here my few friends at work call me insistently Ibn Batota, although nothing comparable to his journeys I attempted. Ok, the journey to Istanbul/Constantinople was more of personal encounter with memory, trying to recall my first impressions from the city or, rather, metropolis of nostalgia for the Greek refugees. So I tried to recall how I had seen it 31 years ago, while I was 8... Unfortunately, my monstrous and selective memory keeps me always exposed to such mental-emotional adventures...
In case I find it useful, I will gather here material from the journey, photos and stuff.
I am currently preparing for the new semester, copying, planning and reading intersting pages... I am happy for the new administration at work. Competent people with a vision. I wonder how much time it will take them to give signs of their promising potential.
How does a period start?
a. with some painful farewell: Malik left yesterday to KSA.
b. for me, basically, with the unexpected open-ness to poetry. Suddenly I pay attention to verses that I came across and did not notice. Or sometimes, something new enters my senses with the vertigo-dangerous-grace of the magnetic phenomena.
Here is the new season opener:
Nuage dans la fenetre

Nuage dans la fenetre
Pourquoi ne regardes tu-pas?
Tu passes dans la maison
comme si nous n'existions pas.
Tu passes et ta maison n'a ni portes ni murailles.
Tu vas, tu vas et tu ne sais pas
que tu passes dans ta maison.
Nuage dans la fenetre
(play of Paul Willems)


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