Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you feel a bit down these days?

Do you feel the signs of winter? And do your senses take it the hard way?
For example, you cross the pedestrian bridges above main streets of Amman, and you focus on the recent phenomena of the ugliness of advertisements and of the ugliness of selling out public space. All crossing bridges are rented these days: some people decided probably to make some extra money at/for the municipality and in October the Egyptian workers were putting ad-posts, through and through, covering the informative direction posts. While last month the sign was showing "Jarash" and "Ajloun" and "City Centre", now it promises "Super line Mobile Services (they offer three numbers in your package, to deceive and play better games on others...)", "Investment Potentials" and "Courier Services". Moreover, the posts are fixed in a very cheap and hasty way on the cement of the bridge, promising accidents and misfortunes during the windy days to come. Especially the ones that they decided to add electrical lights, to keep the message eloquent day and night. The bridge that I cross the most, the one of Dostoor, used to be an urban beauty: S-shaped, and painted bright blue and yellow. No, it was not good enough for those who bought their rights in ugliness: First they covered the open spaces though which one could had safe views to Queen Rania Street, up to the university and down to Sport City. Then they added the ad-boards, then THEY PAINTED EVERYTHING BLACK. Are they in their minds in a city that lacks in colour and temperature during the summer day can easily reach 43?
Are you a bit down?
Do not worry.
They found the solution to that: A new device of electromagnetic fields will treat you good... It is specially designed for depression and what is does it is called TMS (Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation). Hopefully soon they will replace the magnetic security-check gates with it. The security checks are just a ceremony aiming at smiling to the guard and receiving his smile back. But just think what a boost in profit it would be for people entering the Malls with a nice trans cranial push of happiness. Somebody should suggest this idea to the municipality. They are good in business, I think.

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Blogger Rowan said...

Hello. It seems that everyone seems a bit down these days. It is not only what you mentioned although the black advertisements are ugly and irritating on several levels. There is also this winter thing. You do not know how or why but there is something about cold rainy nights that makes you feel sad, a bit depressed and occasionally a little bit lonely. And there is also this weird feeling that washes over me when I think of all those people who cannot afford winter. I mean a shockingly huge number of people are going to suffer this winter. It is just heartbreaking. So, yes I do feel a bit down.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Vas said...

Yeah, they whisper incredible things concerning the expected price of the gaz bottle and the difference in cost for filling the petrol tank of the central heating. a rise that may be exceed the horrifying 50% eventually. and you know how it goes: rise in energy prices has the domino effect on everything. today i was reading again a short story by Saramago, and I could not but agree with his thought about the final end of speech in silence.

10:23 PM  
Blogger abttha said...

παρακολουθώ, κάπως αραιά είναι αλήθεια, το μπλογκ σας, αραιά μόνο και μόνο γιατί δε δια΄βάζω εύκολα αγγλικά, και γενικά δε διαβάζω γρήγορα. όμως σας έχω στο νου μου. ζείτε καταστάσεις που δε μιλά κανείς εύκολα, ούτε συναντάει. αν θα θέλατε επικοινωνία, μπορείτε να δείτε το μπλογκ μου, όπου έχω ένα μέιλ. σε εσάς είμαι τόσο χαζή που δε βρήκα, ή, απλώς, δεν έχετε βάλει. την καλημέρα μου και συγχαρητήρια για πολλά.

6:37 AM  

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