Sunday, June 18, 2006

aspirin cake

it must be
one of the 10 days per year
that headache comes to join me
so, i can hardly keep my eyes open to the light...
as if the tortured senses become acute, precise and indicating what a pain the full sense of the world would be;
I recall my mother's sharp senses of hearing and smell and the troubles they cause her.
I wanted to talk about last night at renovated (?- I can't tell, it was the first time I visited the place) Negresco, at Jabal Webdeh,
(do not assume a hung-over: I only drink when in deep depression some cherry to mix its thick liquid sugar with the contadicting bitterness, and this does not happen to me frequently- no, yesterday it was just some bitter lemon with ginger).
But I have to postpone the post. Just the hand of Juliane on my shoulder meaning good-bye.
I also wanted to talk about the thoughts I had after I read the comment and, consequently, the last entry in Imaan's blog. A proximity in interpellation via Stockholm.


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